Kalorik Barista

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The ideal solution for cold brew coffee or tea, French press hot coffee or tea, milk frothing and lattes, and hot or cold drink mixing in one appliance

Cold brew: simply mix ground coffee in water for 20 minutes and let the French press filter out the grounds to enjoy

Perfect milk frothing

High power heating element can heat water to 200F

6 presets available

Glass jar with stainless steel bottom provides great heat transfer

Magnetic drive motor for stirring


Meet your very own personal barista! This 8-in-1 beverage maker brings an authentic coffee shop feel into the comfort of your kitchen. The Kalorik Bartista gives you all the bold, flavorful benefits of a French press, with the versatility of an artisanal cafe. The Kalorik Bartista can make cold brew coffee or tea, hot coffee or tea, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, lattes and cold foam – at the touch of a button. This innovative electric French press features six one-touch presets for creating a wide variety of hot and cold barista-style beverages. A magnetic drive motor and frothing disc deliver rich and airy frothed milk, perfect for making cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, and hot chocolate. The special chocolate melting function allows you to add chocolate chips or chunks directly into the pitcher to make decadent hot chocolate. The stainless steel cage prevents the stirring element from getting clogged during melting. The Bartista comes with a removable glass pitcher and a French press accessory. A high-power heating element reaches up to 200°F. A 24-oz brewing capacity yields 3 large servings of coffee, or 2 servings of frothed milk.




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