HyGear – HyBar

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This new smart bar connects to HYGEAR for personalized workouts that get you results, faster. Just like a personal trainer only way better. Built-in sensors track your actual workout performance so that you always know what to do next to make progress towards your goals.

SKU: HB—000521

It starts with your goals.
Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength or improve your performance HYGEAR will set your targets to guide you there, workout by workout.
Next, take your assessment.
Find out where you stand physically and set your fitness baseline.

Take a short fitness assessment to discover how strong you are in your upper, lower, and core body regions compared to average people of your gender, age, and weight.
Get personalized workouts based on your actual performance
Your interactive coach will build the perfect workout for you based on your actual workout performance. As you improve, your coach will reset your targets to keep you moving towards your goals.
See your progress to reach your goals
Nothing beats the feeling of seeing how far you’ve come. Don’t just see your progress in the mirror. Know exactly how much you’ve improved as your HYGEAR score updates with every workout.
Get the complete home fitness studio with real-time feedback, personalized workouts and community.
Workouts that evolve to suit your level
Real-time feedback to track your workout effectiveness
Every Month: New classes and programs led by experts
Challenges & Achievements to keep you motivated
Your workout statistics to see your progress over time