Gear 1-HyBar Bundle

$569.99 $463.98

Bundle Includes
o Gear 1 …HG1-001020
o HyBar…HB-000521
o Wall Mount…Cling VESA
(iPad not included)


HYBAR: “Stretch. Twist. Lift. Row. Swing. This powerful accessory adds a dynamic element to any Gear 1 workout. Use as a barbell, paddle or javelin to build strength, agility and mobility. Simply clip the Hystick to one Gear 1 band or both to mimic a wide variety of athletic moves and enhance overall fitness.”

WALL MOUNT: This Tablet wall Mount clamps securely to any tablet size 7″ – 13″; Rotates between Orientation Modes

GEAR 1: This all-in-one fitness system pairs premium bands made from natural latex with an interactive app that monitors workout performance in real time. Gear 1 allow you to work any muscle from any angle in any space, while integrated sensors track reps, pace, weight resisted, power, calorie burn and more.