Fitbit Sense 2


Meet Sense 2—the smartwatch designed to help you stress less, sleep better & live healthier. Get help identifying stress and get the tools to better manage it. Learn more about your sleep and how to improve your rest with detailed nighttime tracking and a unique Sleep Profile. Track key heart-health indicators so you can make more informed wellness decisions. Plus Sense 2 is packed with advanced activity tracking and smartwatch features and includes six months of Fitbit Premium Membership.*


  • Shadow Grey / Graphite
  • Blue Mist / Soft Gold
  • Lunar White / Platinum

Activity experience
Sense 2 and Premium are all about enhancing the activities you love. Start the morning with guidance on what your body can handle for the day, then a recommended workout. Track your moves with real-time heart rate to get the most out of all your efforts. See how many calories you burned, a map of your outdoor route and more, then take a peek at how your efforts compare with your friends and family.*

Daily Readiness Score (Premium)
Enhance your workout routine with a score that reveals if you’re ready to push or should focus on recovery.*

Active Zone Minutes
Get the results you want from every workout. Active Zone Minutes uses your heart rate to guide you toward your desired intensity level—then helps keep you there.

Built-in GPS
See your real-time pace & distance without your phone using built-in GPS during outdoor activity, then see a map of your workout route in the Fitbit app.*

Workout intensity map
After outdoor exercise with GPS, check your workout intensity map in the Fitbit app to see your pace and heart rate zones throughout your route and learn where you put in the most effort.

Fitbit ECG app
With a compatible ECG app right on your wrist, assess your heart rhythm for atrial fibrillation—a heart rhythm irregularity—and share the results with your doctor.
The Fitbit ECG app is only available in select countries and with select Fitbit products. Not intended for use by people under 22 years old. See for additional details.

Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications (US Only)
Check for signs of an irregular heart rhythm that may be atrial fibrillation (AFib), so you can share this information with your healthcare provider.*

Health Metrics dashboard
Know your body better with the Health Metrics dashboard in the Fitbit app, where you can track breathing rate, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, SpO2 and skin temperature variation. See your trends from the past week—or the past 90 days with Premium—and use them to help uncover changes in your

High & low heart rate notifications
Your heart rate is a key indicator of health, so Sense 2 keeps you informed when it’s above or below your set resting threshold.

24/7 heart rate tracking with PurePulse®
Optimize workouts and track all-day activity, calorie burn and sleep with PurePulse continuous heart rate tracking, then see your resting heart rate trends and cardio fitness level (VO2 Max) in the Fitbit app.

Oxygen saturation (SpO2)
(short) Track SpO2—the level of oxygen in your blood—to help you learn when there may be an indication of important changes in your well-being.*

All-day stress detection with cEDA
Sense 2 helps detect stress events using heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature and our new continuous EDA sensor so you can recognize it, manage it and go on with your day. Over time, you may notice trends around when your stress is triggered—and be better prepared to manage it.*

Stress notifications
Get notified after stress is detected so you can reflect on it and proactively manage your response with activity, deep breathing and more.

EDA Scan app
Perform an EDA Scan to see how your body responds to stress during a mindfulness session.

Log Reflections to keep a record of your emotions, then compare against stress-detection data to spot trends.

End-of-week summary
Check in on your stress-management efforts to help you identify causes of stress, successful management techniques and what to try next.

Stress Management Score
Get a handle on your stress. Higher score? You’re showing fewer signs of stress. Lower score? Time to find better balance—try a meditation or going for a walk.

Stress Management Score breakdown (Premium)
See what’s driving your score so you know whether improving your sleep, changing your activity or focusing on mindfulness will help you better manage stress.

Mindfulness content
Relax, clear your mind or find ways to improve your focus by choosing from hundreds of meditation and yoga sessions.

Heart health experience
Your heart is key to your health. Better understand and track your heart health with Sense 2 and Premium. Around-the-clock heart-rate tracking provides insight into your sleep, stress, activity and more while the ECG app & Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications give insight into your heart rhythm.*

Sleep experience
Improve sleep quality, increase your energy and better manage stress with help from Sense 2 and Premium. Track your sleep each night to see how much time you spent in deep, light and REM sleep. Then check your Sleep Profile—a report that breaks down your sleep patterns and trends over the past 30 days plus provides personalized guidance for better rest. You can even program your display to stay dark at night and set gently buzzing morning alarms that wake you up during the ideal sleep stage for a refreshing morning rise.*

Sleep Profile (Premium)
Learn your sleeping style with a monthly breakdown of 10 key sleep metrics. You’ll see which of the 6 distinct Sleep Animals your sleep compares to and what you can do to get better rest.

Sleep Stages & Sleep Score
Learn about the quality of your previous night’s sleep with a personalized Sleep Score. With Premium, see a breakdown of time in light, deep & REM sleep to see what’s impacting your rest.

Smart Wake
Wake up feeling more rested, refreshed and ready to take on your daily workout with a smart alarm that goes off during the optimal stage of sleep—no more than 30 minutes before its set time. Regular,
exact-time alarms are also available.

Sleep Mode
Keep your watch from waking you with sleep mode. It mutes notifications and stops your screen from turning on at night. Set a schedule to turn sleep mode on automatically.


Shadow Grey / Graphite, Blue Mist / Soft Gold, Lunar White / Platinum